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Clean Energy

Did you know?

You can do something today to make sure electricity coming into your home is generated from clean, renewable energy sources located in New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic region.

We're talking SOLAR power, WIND power, and low-impact HYDRO power right to your home with nothing to install and no technicians visiting your home!

Check out New Jersey's Clean Power Choice Program. In less than three minutes, you can sign-up to have renewable energy streaming into your home. It's as simple as a click. You can do it all online right now. Learn more about New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.

Clean Power Choice Program

Quote from David Grant of Dodge Foundation

Not everyone agrees on Wind Power

Wind projects are in the midst of a huge growth spurt in many parts of the country, driven by government incentives to promote alternatives to fossil fuels. But a few environmentalists want to slow them down with community activism, regulatory action and legal challenges.
See NY Times article (PDF).
Also read about Wayne NJ Businessman.

Carpooling Makes Sense Carpoolers are eligible
for free $100 gas card from the State

Complete the rideshare survey, and become a member of New Jersey’s “Car Pooling Makes Sense” program. Complete instructions on the website.