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Sustainability Quiz

What is your Sustainability IQ?

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1. Energy: Which burns cleaner (fewer greenhouse gas emissions), oil or natural gas?

Natural gas burns cleaner (source: Energy Coordinating Agency, Philadelphia).

2. Global warming: How much of the world’s oil production is consumed by drivers on American roads?

14.3%, that's one barrel of oil in every seven produced worldwide (source: National Public Radio).

3. Bio-diversity: What is the keystone (animal) species of our bioregion? (What is a “keystone species”?)

Would you believe - the Beaver (source: Rutgers University).

A keystone is the stone at the top of an arch that supports the other stones and keeps the whole arch from falling. A keystone species is a species on which the persistence of a large number of other species in the ecosystem depends and whose disappearance initiates significant changes in an ecosystem.

4. Food: How many working farms do we have in Lawrence Township?

Lawrence Township is home to 14 farms!

5. Natural spaces: What percent of the land area of Lawrence is permanently protected and preserved?

25%, that 5.5 square miles of farms, parks, and natural spaces.

6. Sustainability at home: Name three things a person or family can do at home to move closer to ecological sustainability.

There's so many! Take a look at our seven easy things and move on to our weekly eco-tips that have been published over the last year! Some recent answers by others taking this quiz included: drive less, reduce-reuse-recycle, take shorter showers, turn heat down and air conditioning up, and replace bulbs with compact-flourescent ones.

7. Community Action: What suggestions do you have for Sustainable Lawrence that would help make life in our community more sustainable?

Contact us with your suggestions!

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