Open Space Stewardship

Task Force Description

We believe that preservation of open space contributes to positive sustainability in Lawrence. Open space and contiguous greenways provide natural habitats for birds and animals, help purify ground water running into streams, protect trees from destruction and allow growth of new seedlings in natural ways. Open space provides opportunities for passive recreation - hiking, walking, photography, x-country skiing, bird watching etc. It enables us to live in harmony with Earth.  

Key Contact

Laurie Emde, 609-924-4646
Delaware & Raritan Greenway

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Action Items & Goals

  • Organize open space around town centers; include farms; have multiple farms around the town
  • Look at USES of open space: playgrounds to linear parks; active and passive; tree farms; is whole township served
  • Convert developed space (unused) back to open space;  Convert unused macadam into grass or trees
  • Understand all connections/linkages between parcels of land and recognize the potential connections and how to make them connected
  • Provide buffers along streams;  keep storm water management in control so there isn’t pollution
  • Provide stewardship to open spaces and keep them clean
  • Use Adopt-A-Park program in neighborhoods to involve nearby residents and by having responsibility and ownership of the land, they will become more responsible about how the land looks and how they use it.
  • Advertise locations of township parks to residents
  • Work with educational/communication cttee.
  • Get publicity in local papers and advertise earth day activities, or Twp. Clean-up day, etc.

Our first steps are:

  • Adopt-A-Park Program
  • Get Twp. Dept. of Recreation to create resource sheet of parks including descriptions, locations, uses, size, etc.
  • Think of ideas to educate the public about our open spaces and get them involved in stewardship
  • Create a website showing public access open spaces in Lawrence