Planning Bike Trails

Town Center-Transport

Task Force Description

We envision Lawrence Township with multiple town centers, each with its unique combination of offices, homes, stores, and civic entertainment functions, offering a large portion of the Town's population the opportunity to spend time in their own neighborhood without having to travel long distances.  

Key Contact

Henry Braun, 609-896-9558

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Action Items & Goals

Town centers will be:

  • Mixed use developments
  • Human in scale, (welcoming, vibrant, meeting basic needs)
  • Pedestrian and bike-friendly
  • Serve as transportation hubs
  • Green construction
  • Safe
  • Town square/Green for gatherings

Public Transportation will be:

  • System of local and regional services
  • Local routes connect neighborhoods to town centers, schools, etc.
  • Regional Routes are part of Mercer Middlesex Rapid Transit (BRT) system.
  • Connects to route 1 centers (employment), Trenton, Princeton, train stations (Trenton, Hamilton, Princeton Junction).
  • Town centers include attractive and convenient BRT stations.
  • Vehicles are fully accessible and zero or near-zero emissions.
  • Fare collection is electronic (Like EZ pass) and low cost.
  • Roads retrofitted to allow BRT to bypass congestion and provide competitive travel times.